Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Words to LIVE By!

Here are some words to LIVE By....

Which ones do you need to practice more?

I'm thinking about printing this out,

framing it


hanging it

somewhere we can ALL see!

Let's see....

what do I need to work on?

" Always be Grateful"


"Try new Things",

What do YOU need to work on?



  1. Really? You had to stop me and offer a challenge?!

    I guess for me it would be these two things -

    "Stay happy and be positive."
    "Give thanks for everything."

    After last week, you will know why these resonate with me right now. And I have to say - both of those attitudes must come from the Holy Spirit at work within me. In my natural self, being positive and grateful for difficult circumstances is not my first response (duh!!). It is the Holy Spirit who enables me to focus on God's joy and peace and hope - and who makes me thankful that this world and its tired, old struggles will never be the "last word" on anything!

    GOD BLESS, dear friend! Thanks for the *good word* today!! :)

  2. Sharon-
    I am glad to see you back to "commenting". It was SO good to see you! We are in San Diego, enjoying the sunshine and family time.

    HOpe you continue to be blessed, as you are such a blessing to me!!!
    Sending you love & prayers!

  3. I think could do better on "smile" and "use kind words." Thanks for the reminder. I found you on Mommy-Mondays and I am glad I get to read this first thing in the morning. :)

  4. Theophanie- thanks for visiting! I love that we all remind each other of the things we can work on, as it is a journey of growth for all of us! I will visit you, too!


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