Saturday, October 23, 2010

SPARK Ministry


Last weekend I was a part of an amazing ministry- SPARK Ministry.


I heard about this ministry in September through a friend I was working with in Dallas.
She told me that she, and a large group of women from her church, were coming out to California to serve women in a Homeless Shelter. The shelter is located about an hour north of where I live so I told her I would love to drive up and help out how I could.
After all, THEY were flying out from Texas and I live here, so why couldn't I help?

I had no idea what I was in for!

This weekend was POWER-FULL!

I must admit I was scared...
I've never done this before....I didn't know what to expect...HOW could I help? could I possibly minister to these women (they had been through so much)...I won't know the rest of the group...what if I do something wrong?

As I drove up the dirt hill, I drove past dumpsters, old cars and some old looking garages and bungalows...SCARY!

I came around a corner and saw a gate. As I drove up to the gate, I could see just past it into a nice driveway which passed a building where a few women were sitting in front of. The guard let me in and I must say I was surprised.

The grounds were BEAUTIFUL...peaceful and lush.
This was a safe-haven for women and some children to live in safety.
The Shelter not only provides physical shelter from abusive spouses, but provides emotional shelter where women can heal from the emotional scars as well as recovery from substance abuse and/or prostitution.

The Shelter itself is a Ministry...what a blessing not just for the women...but for their children.

The weekend was filled with small group time, to build relationships through discussion, crafts, food, laughter and fun.
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SPARK Ministry comes in and makes these women feel loved...unconditionally loved, where every woman there is on the same level. We ALL wore the same shirts during the weekend.
The SPARK volunteers, staff and residents all worked and played together.

There was a day of pampering on a ranch in Wrightwood...we played relay games and later made S'Mores.

Our final day was amazing- we made Sunday brunch, had a lesson on The Lord's Prayer and then covered our Buddy with prayer verbally, then covered them with a Prayer Blanket that they could keep.
Not a dry eye in the house...

What a blessing and honor to serve with these ladies from SPARK Ministy.
Thank you to MOLLY, who founded the ministry a few years ago.

And a big THANK YOU to my dear friends who sponsored a "Sister" in the shelter so that she could get the shirts, food and gifts!

Charlotte adopted Sara
Bonnie adopted Jessica (staffer)
Rena adopted La Tonja (staffer)
Sharon adopted Laura (staffer)
Nancy adopted Sheri
Susan adopted Sherry
Rhonda adopted Takeisha
Lorna adopted Jackie (staffer)

YOU LADIES made this weekend special for these women!!! THANK YOU again, for your support and prayers!!

You're joining me next time SPARK comes to California!