Welcome to my Fitness Page!

                             I am at the gym 5-6 times a week and love working out!
Like many people, I have struggled with my weight. I think it began in early childhood where my father made us "clean our plates", whether we wanted to eat everything or not.

Always being an active girl, I was never considered obese, I was just kind of "thick".  I was muscular, but ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. We were not the healthiest eating family, although my mother always cooked well balanced meals, but we had a lot of candy/junk foods in the house at all times. My weight wasn't ever a real concern.

                    Through High School and College, food was my stress reliever. 
I would eat a lot of sweets while studying and staying up late, but in college, 
I was pretty active so it didn't affect my weight too much, always taking some kind of PE class, from Yoga to Aerobics, Ballet to Basketball. 

I got my teaching degree and got a job teaching Kindergarten.
After I began teaching, food became my reward.
I would come home exhausted and instead of doing something "nice" for myself like going to work out, shopping or even taking a nap or a hot bath, I would eat. 
Mom mostly had potato chips in the house, so that would be my treat for working hard all day!  I could eat an entire bag of Lay's, I'm not proud to say. :-0

                  While teaching, I began weight training and that is where I fell in love.
I started going to the gym 2 hours a day and got in great shape.
I loved what it did to my body and I loved how I felt!

Fast forward my life a few years, getting married, buying a home, 
moving to a new area, and getting pregnant....
I had our first child and the baby weight came off fairly easily- breast feeding helped
Second child, I gained much more weight and it wasn't as easy to take THAT weight off as it was for the first child.
We got a stair-stepper and I would exercise during their nap time. 
Yes, they had it on the same time, thank God for a schedule!
I looked great, but then.....I got pregnant again! 

Surprise! ( it was a good one)
At this point, I was determined to not let my weight get out of control, but when you are pregnant, your body is really not just your own, you are now sharing it!
I had Logan and again, would jump on the stair-stepper everyday during their nap time. Kiana had "quiet time" since she was not napping at this point, but she would read or play quietly in her room for that hour-hour 1/2 every day. Again, thank God for the schedule
That kick-started my body into remembering what it used to be able to do!
I joined the gym and started going a few days a week, then 4 or 5.
People helped me with my routine and I incorporated cardio and was feeling good!
I have continued to work out and have tightened up on my eating, really trying to cut on BAD carbohydrates, and sugar, which has been my largest hurdle. 
I love me some Hot Tamales!
Working on the eating part has made a huge difference!
I can now see definition and am working towards cutting the fat. At 47, that is no easy feat, but I'm working on it day by day!

                             I am someone who believes in being fit, strong and healthy.
    I ran my first 1/2 Marathon and am looking forward to accomplishing more in the future!

I like getting muddy! 
Lake Irvine Mud Run 2012

My muddy friends, Karla, Alma, Jeff, Lisa, ME and Randy.

                            I am here to help if I can, I'm still on the journey and loving it!
Join me, 
we are better together!

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Fit Mama's BASIC Meal Plan

Meal 1
1/2 cup Oatmeal w splenda/cinnamon
1/2 cup strawberries or 2 kiwi
(here is what I ate: 1 pack of of Weight Control Quaker Instant Oatmeal -Maple & brown sugar :-)
2 kiwi
coffee/non fat creamer and splenda

Meal 2
5-6 egg whites (or 2 1/2 cups of egg beaters)
1/2 cup green veggies or tomato
1/2 cup of brown rice ( I had a piece of toasted wheat toast- same carbs)

Meal 3
5 oz chicken meat (about the size of your fist)
1/2 cup broccoli or zucchini or green beans
2 kiwi

(technically this would be meal 4)
later of 45 min before the gym
1/2 cup of oatmeal (dont' know about this meal since I go earlier?)

Meal 5
salmon cooked w/extra virgin oil (lemon)
green salad w/ oil and vinegar

Meal 6
5-6 egg whites or 4-5 oz of turkey breast or chicken
1/2 cup fav. green veggies

I usually want something sweet around 8-9 so instead of pigging out on ice cream or cookies or candy (sometimes I still do that) I try to have my little 60 cal jello or fat free pudding w/whipped cream- a ton of it!
I use GNC's  Wheybolic Protein and have seen results from using this one. 
It is so far my fav and I have tried quite a few.

I drink 1/2 of a scoop before the gym and one scoop when I get home.

ALL opinions on this plan are my own- you may use at your own discretion, but don't hesitate to email me with any questions!


  1. Gosh finally have a quiet time to myself, love what you did to your blog site and thank you for sharing your meal plan this is a great way to encourage us who are wanting to learn about nutrition and fitness and get our soup for the soul, that is what writing is all about sister!! Thank you Fit Mama!!

    1. Sophia, you are so sweet to visit! You are in such great shape, just keep taking care of your fabulous body!
      Love you!


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