Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Field Trip- Something to do in the O.C..

Today I took the children to the Lyon Air Museum. It is in Santa Ana and backs up to the John Wayne Airport.
My girlfriend Tre-Tre found it and suggested we take the children there. She has an 11 year old son and a 1 year old girl, and I have of course, the 2 boys and my 11 year old daughter.

I'm not the kind of girl who says,
"Hey, let's go to see some vintage airplanes" in my spare time.
I'm more the kind of girl who says,
"Hey, let's go to see some vintage purses, shoes or jewelry" in my spare time!

But, I do consider myself the type of mom who is always looking for an educational, fun, learning experience, and usually willing to try things at least once.

As we drove up, I began getting excited.
I didn't know what to expect and I was excited by the fact that my 10 year old would LOVE IT! He is my little soldier and loves anything to do with war, shooting, fighting, guns and missiles. I am convinced he will be a Jar Head like his grandpa or maybe go into law enforcement just to have the opportunity to carry and/or shoot a real gun!

It was great- very small, so we were there only an hour 1/2. There were vintage planes, cars and motorcycles.
They even had Hitler's personal Mercedes...SCARY!

The cost was worth it-
General Admission------$8
Ages 5-17 -----------$4
And they have docents to take you on the little tour...we had Herb, who is a former pilot.

The museum has only been open for a few months and it was pretty empty, but worth visiting.
They also have ongoing movies for the children to watch and learn about each exhibit.

I would highly recommend going- educational, fun and worth the trip!

Thank you Major General William Lyon for preserving these beautiful vehicles and also for preserving this time in history!
I salute you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Joni Eareckson Tada

Most of you don’t know that I am Premier Designs “Jewelry Lady”.

I have been involved with Premier Designs for over 8 years and have been truly blessed by being a part of this company. It is biblically based and the focus has been and always will be on SERVING our customers.

I just got home from our National Rally where the New Fall Line is introduced along with fabulous training, inspiration and motivation.

They often have very well known speakers, such as Josh McDowell, Dennis Swanberg, Ellie Kay, and Joni Eareckson Tada.

Joni was on our agenda to speak this week. If you don’t know who she is, she is a strong Christian woman who inspires people all over the world as she shares about how God has given her hope and a purpose.

Joni is a quadripalegic.

She lost the use of her arms and legs in an accident as a young girl and has been in a wheel chair ever since.

Our Co-Founder, Joan Horner and Joni are good friends. I’ve been to Joan’s home and have seen all of Joni’s books and even an original painting by Joni.

At Joni’s scheduled time to speak at the Rally, instead of Joni coming out in person, there was a video instead.

Joni could not attend the National Rally because she found out that she has breast cancer.

Of all things….cancer.

This woman has gone through so very much and has come through a warrior for the lord, and now she has a new battle to fight.

When I went outside to purchase Joni’s book and a devotional that she wrote, I told the gal behind the table that I would be praying for Joni.

The gal was grateful and said that THAT was what she needed. That when Joni found out she would have to have her breast removed, she didn’t ask God, “WHY?”.

She knows that God is using her and will continue to use her in this situation.

What would you have done?

I have to be honest….I don’t know that I would have had the same response…in fact, I’m sure I would not have.

I doubt that I would be as strong as Joni.

I doubt that I would see my misgiving as an opportunity to serve others through it…

I doubt that I would even be thinking about anyone else except myself.

In fact, as I continue to heal with the loss of my father, I quickly got a new perspective on my life and my blessings, and my hurt cannot compare to hers.

What can I complain about that would even compare to Joni? NOTHING…..nothing.

Lord, be with Joni. Give her peace that surpasses all understanding, strength and courage knowing that YOU will never leave or forsake her. Lord, allow healing and give her comfort as she goes through her surgery.

And Lord, bless Joni.

Bless her abundantly more than she can ask or imagine…

as she serves the one and only high God….

our Lord,

and our Savior.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dinner Time, My Favorite Time!

How can a Mom NOT love dinner time?

After rushing around ALL DAY LONG, getting children here and there, doing the laundry, fixing meals, cleaning up, washing, drying, scheduling, shopping, educating, entertaining, encouraging, on and on...fill in the blanks, we can sit down, take a breath and enjoy a meal with the people we love.
I have to say that I LOVE dinner time!

It is the ONE meal that I actually sit with my family and eat WITH them.
I arrive home from the gym after they've eaten breakfast with my husband.
The children have lunch at school but now that it is summer, I have found myself eating something small after I've fed them.
But I RARELY miss dinner.

I loved dinner time as a child, too.
It was the ONE time that we all sat together and my mother was insistent on waiting for my Father to sit down before we all dug into our food.
It was a sign of respect which I think is lacking in our generation of children.

It was where we learned our manners
(ie: no elbows on the table, how to cut with a knife and fork, how to eat spaghetti,
where to put the napkin, and also,
no bodily noises from the mouth or bottom while seated at the dinner table).

It was also where we would learn about each other's day.
Where it wasn't just about me, but about my sister, brother, mom AND dad.
We learned how to listen and how to be a part of a conversation.
NO computers, games or toys at the dinner table.
We also had a lot of laughs!

It was where the one time each day, we were ALL on the SAME page. The one time each day that we were all doing the same thing at the same time.
In a family of 5, (and 3 teenagers)I know this was rare!
It was quality time that was well protected by my mom.

I'm making an effort to do the same thing.
Research has shown that children who dine with their family grow up healthier and happier.
It also provides for emotional and relational needs.
I want dinner time to be special, really special, family time.
How do I do this?
How can you do this?

YOU have the power to make it special.
Create an atmosphere that is light.
I have our children each help set the table.
One might get the plates, another the forks, another the cups and drinks.
Everyone is involved.
We all wait until Dad sits before we start eating.
We say a prayer of thanksgiving before we start eating.
I love listening to my children share about their day or whatever comes to mind.

Tonight, I was inspired to write because I was looking at my children and feeling so grateful for each one of them and what each one of them brings to our family, as well as what each one of them is contributing and will contribute to this world.

I made Tortilla Soup and Logan said, "I love this soup! But I remember when I didn't like it".

Luke said, "I don't like tomatoes, except in this soup". Then he asked me if I remembered how I tricked him into trying some tomatoes by telling him it was watermelon when he was little.
I didn't remember this story, but apparently, he did. He mentioned that while eating this tomato he was wondering where the black seeds were! Ha Ha!
It would be just like me to do something like that!

Kiana also commented how she does not eat tomatoes except in this soup and
Marguerita Pizza.

Make dinner time a special time.
YOU have the opportunity to create an environment that fosters
conversation and comfort,
closeness and community,
love & laughter.

It's never too late!