Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Joni Eareckson Tada

Most of you don’t know that I am Premier Designs “Jewelry Lady”.

I have been involved with Premier Designs for over 8 years and have been truly blessed by being a part of this company. It is biblically based and the focus has been and always will be on SERVING our customers.

I just got home from our National Rally where the New Fall Line is introduced along with fabulous training, inspiration and motivation.

They often have very well known speakers, such as Josh McDowell, Dennis Swanberg, Ellie Kay, and Joni Eareckson Tada.

Joni was on our agenda to speak this week. If you don’t know who she is, she is a strong Christian woman who inspires people all over the world as she shares about how God has given her hope and a purpose.

Joni is a quadripalegic.

She lost the use of her arms and legs in an accident as a young girl and has been in a wheel chair ever since.

Our Co-Founder, Joan Horner and Joni are good friends. I’ve been to Joan’s home and have seen all of Joni’s books and even an original painting by Joni.

At Joni’s scheduled time to speak at the Rally, instead of Joni coming out in person, there was a video instead.

Joni could not attend the National Rally because she found out that she has breast cancer.

Of all things….cancer.

This woman has gone through so very much and has come through a warrior for the lord, and now she has a new battle to fight.

When I went outside to purchase Joni’s book and a devotional that she wrote, I told the gal behind the table that I would be praying for Joni.

The gal was grateful and said that THAT was what she needed. That when Joni found out she would have to have her breast removed, she didn’t ask God, “WHY?”.

She knows that God is using her and will continue to use her in this situation.

What would you have done?

I have to be honest….I don’t know that I would have had the same response…in fact, I’m sure I would not have.

I doubt that I would be as strong as Joni.

I doubt that I would see my misgiving as an opportunity to serve others through it…

I doubt that I would even be thinking about anyone else except myself.

In fact, as I continue to heal with the loss of my father, I quickly got a new perspective on my life and my blessings, and my hurt cannot compare to hers.

What can I complain about that would even compare to Joni? NOTHING…..nothing.

Lord, be with Joni. Give her peace that surpasses all understanding, strength and courage knowing that YOU will never leave or forsake her. Lord, allow healing and give her comfort as she goes through her surgery.

And Lord, bless Joni.

Bless her abundantly more than she can ask or imagine…

as she serves the one and only high God….

our Lord,

and our Savior.

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  1. Oh, Janet - how utterly sad! Yes, Lord, please strengthen and comfort this wonderful warrior of yours! Grant her healing for her body, and peace for her soul. Dear Joni - we are all with you in prayer!


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