Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sons of Guns?

Date Night with Luke & Sons of Guns...

I'm alone with my middle child tonight,

His brother is out with a friend,
his sister is out with a friend,

and it is just
LUKE and I.

Let me tell you about Luke.

He is a boy- all boy.

He loves anything military, tanks, guns, bullets, shooting, guns, bazookas, guns...did I say guns?


I asked Luke where he wanted to eat- he could choose anything.

Mc D's?

He chose Popcorn Chicken from KFC.
Yup... ALL boy!

What do you want to watch tonight?
We can watch a movie or some t.v.

He goes directly to the Discovery Channel.
"Sons of Guns" is on.

I've never watched this show before.
"Luke, have you ever watched this before?"
"What is this show about?"
"War guns, guns they build, guns they shoot,
bazookas, bazookas they build, bazookas they shoot."
"Oh, okay".

Now we are learning about a "19-19"?
400-500 rounds per MINUTE!


So, my date night with my son,

watching "Sons of Guns",
eating Skittles,
having some guy time,

with one of my favorite guys.


  1. I never had daughters - so, I always had "guy time." And you're so right, it's a very precious thing indeed. Some of the stuff I've had to watch, though, just so I could *bond* with my sons - well, definitely not the "get-out-the-kleenex-this-is-chick-stuff" stuff. But, that's what makes sons so special. They're just boys, through and through, and such a blessing in all their differences!

    What?!?! NO HOT TAMALES??? What's this world coming to?

    Hope you had a great time!


  2. LOL! What's a mama of sons to do? My bookshelves are packed with WWII books, we've got P51 picts on the walls in their bedrooms, nerf guns, b.b. guns, air-soft guns - and mom-son dates just like that. We just played life the other night with the 3 youngest. A definite different result to a car-full of kids! Sounds like you were totally blessed!

  3. Sharon- Ha ha, thanks for your comment! No, we opted for HIS favorite candy (sniff sniff) SKITTLES (booooo). It was all about Luke, so we did whatever he wanted. I know you can relate to the "boy stuff", and I've got to admit that at least, I learned something, and we had our bonding time!

    Blue Cotton- You've got A LOT of boys!!!! Yes, I love my daughter, but my son brings out my "other side", I think! I will be sure to stop by your blog- need help sometimes with this testosterone!
    Thanks for visiting!


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