Wednesday, August 10, 2011



I got it!

This little guy is a trophy I get to keep for one WHOLE week, because I was voted
"Best Table Topics"
this morning at Toastmasters.

Let me tell you about Toastmasters.

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE should join a group.

It will help you:

Gain confidence in speaking in front of a group.
(I mean, really, isn't that enough?)

Get used to answering questions spontaneously,
that actually make sense.

Grow mentally & emotionally.

Become aware of our little speaking "issues" and have the opportunity week after week to work on them.
(our "ums, uhs, you know's")

Become part of a community that supports and encourages
each other.

Become a better leader.


I should have joined a group years ago, but I will be honest with you...

I was scared.

Scared of feedback, criticism, negativity.

There is none of THAT here.

Ooops, there is feedback,
positive feedback.

Feedback that I need if I truly want to get better,

I do.

So, I've been going for 3 weeks barely surviving the
"Table Topics".

The Table Topics Master provides questions related to a theme for the day, that we answer,
when we are CALLED ON.

This is some scary poo-poo!

When we start, my heart is literally pounding SO HARD!
I avoid eye-contact,
I start sweating,
I pretend that I'm listening to other members as they share,
thinking to myself the whole time,
"I wonder who he will call on next?"

Well, being called on for 3 weeks in a row,
so, I figured I'd have a turn today.

I did.

I survived!

I even got a trophy!

Yeah Toastmasters!


  1. Well, just look at you!! How wonderful!

    So proud of you - that you've taken this brave step and that you're excelling at it (though I am not surprised in the least...)

    I am intrigued about Toastmasters, but don't feel like I can deal with the *scary poo-poo* right now. Although, I am curious about Table Topics. Could I speak with sweaty armpits and a pounding head like you do?! Hmmm...probably not! LOL!

    You're a star, Janet - and this is just great!

    Who knows what's right around the corner for you - well, God does, of course!


  2. Sharon- thank you for being such a cheerleader!
    Love you, and can't wait for you to join Lynne and I at her group!!!


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