Monday, December 3, 2012

Prayers Please!

You know what they say?

"Be careful what you wish for,
you might actually get it!"

I have always dreamed of being a 
REAL Speaker,
you know, someone who actually gets paid for it?

Well, this week I have a few speaking dates,
and I'm a little scared.
I could really use your prayers!

On Wednesday,
I'm speaking for one of my favorite Mom's Groups,

On Saturday I have my first
"REAL" Speaking opportunity at a Boutique in Orange.

Then, on Monday,
I have another "REAL" talk that another speaker referred me to since she couldn't make it.

I will be sharing 3 different talks,
1 week.

Please say a few prayers for this girl! 
(two thumbs pointing at myself)

I am praying this:

But I'm not so scared that I'm not preparing or doing what I need to do.

Our God is faithful.
HE always shows up.
HE always provides.
HE never leaves me,

So, I don't have to be afraid.

That doesn't mean that some of the ladies won't like me.

That doesn't mean that I will bring all the lost to the Lord.

That doesn't mean that my fear is completely gone.
It is still there....a little...

but HE calls me to be brave,

I'm stepping!

Please say a prayer for me and for the hearts of these women that I will be speaking to
1) on Marriage (Wed)
2) on The Gift of CHRISTmas (Sat)
3) on The Power of a Praying Mother (Mon)

Thank you SO, SO MUCH!

And may I pray for you?

Please bless my friend reading this.
I pray that this week, he/she would see you, that you would make yourself 
supernaturally real for this friend.
I also pray that this friend would be blessed, protected and be swooned by you and your love!
I pray that they too, would step out in fear,
and that they too, would be brave,
somewhere in their life this week!

Thank you, Father, for hearing every word, every prayer, every heart!
I love you,
in Jesus' name I ask these things,


  1. Praying for you that you would have the right words each time. Will be thinking of you. I am sure it will go well! :)

  2. Karen, Thanks! I'm practicing and praying! SO appreciate you!


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