Monday, October 29, 2012

"Everything" Blog Tour

Welcome Friends!

I couldn't be more excited to share some new insight with you today regarding
  Mary DeMuth's new book, "Everything".

I am also very excited because I got to hear Kay Warren (Pastor Rick's wife) speak at our High School Ministry this weekend, and some of what she said really resonated with me, 
especially because it was a confirmation to some of the things that Mary states in her book.

Now, before I get into sharing my ONE BIG THING about "Everything", I have to share with you what has been really going on in my life that I have admittedly been hiding from you all.
Yes, I have been hiding something from you.
Please don't judge or hate on me,
I'm just like you, 
or maybe, some of you!

This summer, when Mary let me be a part of this book launch, 
she had no idea that it came at the exact time I needed it. 

I had been wrestling with God, like Jacob, not just for one night, 
but for most of my Christian life. 

Reading Mary's book actually took me to a place where I had to look at 
and ask myself, 
"Have I really, truly given Jesus EVERYTHING?"

Tears well up in my eyes even now as I am reminded that my answer was,
 not everything
I hadn't given Him my heart, in it's entirety
maybe 90% of it, but that was enough, wasn't it?"

Then I justified it....

I had served for years, in Women's Ministries at church, speaking for MOPS, volunteered, taken meals to friends, encouraged, inspired and even lead others to Christ,
 and yet, 
at the very bottom, the pit of my soul, 
I realized that I could "DO" what Jesus wanted 
 I could "BE" the type of woman Jesus wanted me to be, (on the outside)
 I did not "GIVE" what Jesus was asking for WHOLE heart.

Pretty big realization after being a Christian for more than 35 years and really serving in ministry for the last 12, wouldn't you say?
Pretty big to me.

Well, of course I began praying and asking the Lord for 
wisdom, clarity and the courage
 I needed to really discover why I hadn't given Jesus everything, 
and it came to me.....
what has always been my ONE BIG THING- 

I was born a scaredy-cat!
I was a shy, timid, scared child.
(I'm sure those who know me would really be surprised by this)
I don't know why, and that doesn't even really matter. 

What matters is that at some deep level, I have known that, 
and I have worked Oh, soooooo very hard to overcome many, many fears, 
so much so, 
that I am someone who has done things many others haven't- 
to overcompensate for my fear.

I'm not afraid of snakes, I actually like them.
I will kill spiders with my bare hands.
I'm not afraid to hold bugs, reptiles or other yucky things.
I have had my belly pierced, shot a handgun and have gone skydiving.
I've spent 24 hours alone, on a small mountain with nothing more than a sleeping bag.
My largest obstacle has been to learn how to stop my eyes from watering (a subconscious reaction) when I speak to large groups.

And although I have overcome most of my fears, 
I had not given my heart fully to God because of 
that same fear.

Mary says,

"We think we can manage on our own, so we reject the help that God readily supplies. 
We fear that if we let Him be in control, 
He’ll make us open up to people, risk ourselves, do scary things,
 or let go of the sins we cherish.
He wants all of us, all the time, our minds and hearts deeply engaged with His so we will joyfully follow Him toward every single adventure He plans for us."

Kay Warren went on "God's Adventure" when her heart broke for children
orphaned by AIDS.

I was afraid of THAT kind of adventure.
What about you?

"But Jesus says we’re not to live like every- one else. 
Our lives should be different, 
marked by
fearlessness and bold belief.

He asks us to abandon our control so that He can reign in our lives and grow us.
We would rather live a lie than come to the Truth Personified, Jesus, 
and let Him show us our hearts.

 To follow is to give up our lives, 
particularly our expectations of how our lives should be
We need to let go of our presumptions about the life we should have 
let Jesus dream a new dream for us. 

A dream where others are changed through the Holy Spirit in us. 
A dream we can't even fathom."
Mary DeMuth

Because of the words in this book,
I have released FULL control of my life
ALL of my heart.
Yes, ALL.

And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, 
“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 
For whoever would save his life will lose it, 
but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel's will save it." 
Mark 8:34-35 ESV

Mary gave me a gift, by including me in a group,
 that I questioned why I was there every day,
by allowing me to read her book, process it and talk about it with other readers.

I had a lot of time to chew on it and really think about what I was reading
 and how it applied to my life.
Thank you, Mary!

God used Mary to truly and deeply bless me 
through this book.

I absolutely believe that when you read it,
you too, 
will think about how it applies to your life,
your heart, in your head and in your hands,
and my prayer to you 
is that YOU 
will bravely and courageously
  look honestly at yourself 
to see 
you truly have given 

And if you have, get ready for your adventure!

Saving faith is not just believing that Jesus lived and died. 
Faith that saves is the confident, continuous confession of total dependence on, 
and trust in Jesus Christ to meet the requirements on your behalf 
to give you entrance into God's Eternal Kingdom. 
It's the surrender of your life in complete trust to Him to do what you cannot do.

You're my Everything
Rendered speechless by Your beauty
Lord, I'm blown away
With everything that's in my heart
A million words could never say all there is to say

Chorus 1:
You're more than just a song, You're more than just a whim
You're more than just a passing fantasy
You're my Everyday
You're my Every Way
You're my Everything

Verse 2:
If I could see forever
In just one moment I would say
These todays are worth tomorrow
When I will see You face to face

Chorus 2:
I want to be with You
I need to be with You
I long to be with You, precious King
So with every day, Lord, in every way
You're my Everything

You're my Everything
You're my Everything
You're my Everything, Oh Jesus
You're my Everything

You're my Everyday
You're my Every Way 

What do you think it means to give Jesus everything?
Have you given Jesus everything?
Why or why not?

Have a beyond wonderful week!


  1. What a beautiful, honest, convicting post. Thanks for sharing how the book has touched you. God is so good.

    1. Mary, thank you for stopping by! You and your work with words have truly blessed and changed the way I think about God, how I feel about God and how I'll be using my gifts for the Lord! Praying for continued protection over your family and for peace and strength as you deal with all you are dealing with!

  2. Janet, you show an amazing sign of spiritual maturity to confess your weakness before others and then draw to God with such conviction. I have no doubt that God is deeply moved by the whole heart you have presented to him and he'll do amazing things in it and through it. Thank you for your transperancy and example. You are so precious Janet - a daughter of the high king and a beautiful friend. Be blessed dear one and be renewed by your new devotion and surrender! Love you bunches...

    1. Christine- How very sweet of you to visit and leave such a generous comment. Girl, I may not see you for a while or hear from you, but I know that as sister's in Christ, we are forever friends! You bless everyone you meet with a kind word, a hug and a large portion of love! Thank you for being a blessing to me as I share something very personal.
      Love you!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your heart! Lots to think about, that's for sure. I've been thinking along somewhat the same lines lately. :)

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Karen, thanks for visiting! It IS a lot to think about, and I was talking with a friend about how God shows us things when we are ready to go to the next level regarding faith, love, etc.
      Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week, too!!!

  4. Wonderful post, friend.

    What do I think it means to give Jesus everything? I probably could spend a blog post or two myself exploring that question. But really, you have answered it. All of me. My heart, my mind, my soul, my strength.

    Have I given Him everything? I'm trying. :)

    And while I was reading your post, this occurred to me. One of the things I have not given to Him is fear. I am actually afraid to give Him all my fears. Somehow by staying mired in my fears, and not turning them over to Him, I somehow (sadly, mistakenly) think I am retaining control of the things that make me afraid.

    No, I need to give Him my fears - and let go of my need to control my life.

    Enough said.


  5. Sharon, thank you for your very honest comment! Fear is a big one, and I too, felt I couldn't let go because of the lack of control! You can do it- TRUST HIM, He loves you and wants ALL of you , the good, the bad and the ugly! (lol- you are NOT ugly, but you know what I mean!)
    Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, lean NOT on your own understanding!
    You can do it!!! BE FREEEEEE!!!!
    Love you!!

  6. I wanted to post feedback on this post because I really liked what your wrote, thank you Janet for sharing your "heart" being transparent and vulnerable in writing is not easy for anyone! The courage it takes to say enough but not too much is a fine line that I am still learning to conquer. I appreciate your honesty and your not alone, trusting God with my heart has been one of my biggest battles, I have learned to be self sufficient and do things on my own at such a young age that trusting God with my heart has been a big one for me. I lost trust in him when my mother got sick, I'm learning to trust in him again with my heart and of course he is constantly shining light to other areas, where I'm still holding on to. I think writing has been a big part of my healing and it's interesting how God placed you in my life to encourage me to write, when I really didn't know what the heck to do, that small encouragement spurred me on and now I want to spur other's on. Always, grateful for woman like you who are willing to give someone else hope. Love you!!

    1. Sophia-
      THANK YOU for sharing with me. YOU are such an inspiration to me. YOu have come so far and God wants you to continue on your journey-trusting Him with ALL you have and ALL that you are!! I love that we are learning and growing together!! What a blessing you are in my life! I love you, friend!!! Keep writing.....for HIM!


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