Friday, September 14, 2012

You're Beautiful....

Hey there!
Know what?


I just got off of the phone with a friend going through some really rough stuff in her life.
She goes to church, believes in God and is really down.
She's down on herself, down on her relationship, and she confessed that she is down on God.
Let's face it.
Sometimes, life can really stink! I mean really stink! 
She doesn't need to hear that God is working in her life right now 
that's He will bring something good out of all this. 

She doesn't need someone to tell her everything is going to be alright, or someone to fix anything, 
she just needed to vent some frustration. 

YES, there is and will be a lot of frustration in this life, because it is NOT where we belong and people make mistakes, are selfish and are well, people.
(I know, I add to all this, too)  

The Devil loves to use people to drive us away from God....
but I want her to be driven closer to the Lord.  

So, she's really is a tough spot relationally and financially.
Most of all, she's feeling defeated and beaten down.

Raise your hand if you've ever felt like that? 
(mine is raised- actually both hands and both feet, nice visual, I know)

Sometimes we need reminders-  here are a few of my favorites...

First.....I know this stinks, but "This is a test...."

I am a teacher and even I hate tests....

He will heal this wound, it's a promise,

 Oh, and by the way, He has healed ALL of mine, 
and I had A LOT!

Simply said,

YOU are meant to be..
your kids wouldn't be YOUR kids,
my kids wouldn't be my kids,
YOU are here for a reason.

Oh, and listen to the words of this song, 
as if Jesus were singing them to YOU.


Dear Lord,
Bless my friend "V" and ALL the friends out there that are struggling with feeling loved, lovable, valued and valuable.  I pray that your love and peace would surround each reader right now with an unmistakable feeling that YOU are with each one of them. I pray that no matter how they "feel" about their situation, they would "KNOW" beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU are with them, that YOU will never leave or forsake them, and that they would come out of this struggle stronger, and more faithful in YOU.
I love you and I'm so grateful that I can lay all my requests before you knowing that you care about each person and what they are going through. 
Thank you, Father- In Jesus' name I pray these things- Amen.

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