Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday's Wish...

Hello Friends!

Today, I wanted to touch on Motherhood
how to let your children know in their heads and their hearts that 
they are loved.

I wrote about my son Luke, in the past.
Our relationship has become so much better and stronger
as I take intentional steps to understand him.
It hasn't been easy, and he has challenged me to become someone better than I was before.

In the past he has questioned me, pushed me away, ignored me and has disrespected me.

I didn't know that this was all a test.

He has stretched me to delve deep inside my heart to draw out the 
deepest and widest love 
that I didn't even know I had,  
so that I could show him- wholeheartedly, 
that I love him.

I love him regardless of his grades.
I love him even when he disobeys me.
I love him regardless of what he does,
how he acts.

He needs to know that he is important
every. single. day.

Because you know what?
He is.

We had another date night last month.
I found these pics and remembered what he told my husband the next day.
He said, "Dad, I had the best time with Mom last night".
I know he felt loved.
How do I know?
He told me!

By the way, this will work on any of your children
and/or your spouse!

We didn't plan this, but I know God did.

We ate what he wanted.

Now, I've stopped eating my MOST favorite thing in the whole world-
Hot Tamales,
but my girlfriend dropped off a box when she came to pick up her son from a little 
playdate, and I was saving them for an "emergency".

This wasn't an emergency,however, it did call for doing whatever I could to provide some sugar, er....candy for him.

He gladly accepted.

 We also watched whatever HE wanted to on T.V.  
I rarely watch any T.V. anymore, mostly because I don't want to waste my time,
but I was determined to do what HE wanted and he wanted to watch ......
"The Annoying Orange".

 I know what you're thinking, 
"Mother of the Year".

NOT the most entertaining, 
inspiring show I've ever seen...
but I watched.

 Oh, that was the apple, and below is the orange, 
in case you forgot the names of fruit.
Nice lips, huh.

They talk and it's actually soooo silly that I had to laugh with him.
Oh, what we will do for our children...

The next show was "The World Largest Waterparks".

Here is a girl riding down a large slide-the longest in the nation...
riveting, I know!

Well, the night was a HUGE success and we both enjoyed the quality time.
My son is completely opposite from my daughter-
she bonds through conversation, shopping, and her basically telling me about school, church, life.

Luke's Love Language is quality time- 
time spent doing what he wants to do.
The key word is "he".

In what ways have you had to stretch yourself as a mom to show your child/ren
that they are loved?

Have a terrific Wednesday!!

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