Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Filled By God's Grace

God Can Even Use Me

I am so humbled that God continues to use me. 

I'm in a different season in my life where all 3 of my children are in school full time
and I have time to do some of the things I've dreamed of doing.
I can write and speak and I have time to just....BE, 
(In MY dreams! .LOL!)
in between cleaning, washing, cooking,
homework, substitute teaching, bible study,
the gym, their sports activities.....whew! 

It is in the BEing, that I meet God.  
It is in the BEing,
 when this pot is filled and where my cracks have been 
patched over by 
His Spirit and by His Grace.

Isaiah 64:8  (NIV) says,
"Yet you, Lord, are our Father.
We are all the work of your hand.
We are the clay,
you are the potter;"

 I have made A LOT of mistakes in my life.
In fact, I have made  THEM ALL- 
Yes, I am one BROKEN and CRACKED pot

The bible says:

Isaiah 1:28
"But rebels and sinners shall be broken together, 
and those who forsake the Lord shall be consumed."

I wasn't broken or cracked at first. I was born pretty, clean and wonderful.
Then, as I grew up, I began making some bad choices, mostly from fear, and selfishness,
but also from just not thinking of my consequences.

One of  my earliest memories of making a bad choice
was eating an orange fruit candy from a bin at the market.
 Remember those?
A piece had sugar all over it and it looked like one wedge from an orange?
Yes, I have always loved candy,
and my selfishness ran me as this 6 year old put her hand in the bin,
took it out,
 and ate it in front of her little sister. 

Of course she told on me,
mostly because she was mad that I got a piece of candy
and she didn't.
Needless to say,
my mother walked me up to the store manager where I,
 in tears and orange sugar dripping from my mouth,
apologized for "stealing" this candy.
I was a thief.



Then, as a young college student, I made many mistakes by giving my body away to feel loved. 



Selfishness and Fear..........BIG CRRRAAAAACCKKK!

My father dies and my heart opens up, but I try to fill it with the wrong things.




God is growing me, filling me, yet I still continue to crack!



Jealousy and Hate......Crrrraaaccckkkk......

A TON more selfishness.........  Crrackkkkkk a  laaaccccckkkk...

More growth, and HIS FORGIVENESS, 
me, forgiving myself.

This goes on and on...

I meet the Lord face to face.
He loves me and embraces me with ALL of my cracks....

He fills each one with GOLD....they are still there and each crack is a lesson learned.
Each crack is a reminder that I am a sinner, I continue to sin, but now that the Lord is in my heart, 
HE continues to fill each crack.....
with HIS LOVE.

He heals me, does something with my heart 
His forgiveness changes all THAT sin

I'll never be perfect, 
but in my imperfection,
I am loved

Our imperfections make us unique,
they give us a story that only we know 
we become a work or art!

A one of a kind, 

I thank God for the journey called Life,
where I have made mistakes,
learned lessons
have lived!

How do you feel about some of your journey?
What have you learned through it?


  1. Isn't it AMAZING to be used by God for His purposes! There is NOTHING more filling! Praying He will use you in greater ways than you can imagine!

    1. Cherie,
      YES! What an honor and blessing, and responsibility! I am also praying that HE continues to use and bless you in your ministry!
      Thanks for the prayers!

  2. Janet: We are so special to God, He will take anything and make it beautiful for his purpose and perfect Will. Love it. Very encouraging. Iron does sharpens Iron. God bless you with His blessings that makes rich and adds no sorrow to it.

    1. D.- so good to hear from you! Hope you are doing well! Yes, Iron sharpens Iron, and may God abundantly bless you in every area of your life!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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