Friday, August 24, 2012

Yay, Friendship Friday!

I hope you have been having a FABULOUS week!

Today's Post is dedicated to all of our animal friends, 
especially to KOBE
who is my Aunty's golden lab,

who's a little sick right now, but we are praying that he will be healed
so he can get back to working 
with the elderly to 
offer lots of Licks (kisses)
and lots of

and Ele,
who my friend Dean M had to say "Goodbye" to. 
(cyber hug)

Dogs are more than animals.
They are friends,

I hope something here helps to comfort both of you and gives giggles to anyone who just loves animals, 
especially their 
dogs and cats.

That book is really working!


One more reason why I never let a dog lick my face...

Look at this dog...
the BEST flyer ever...

The difference between cats and dogs...

The reality...

And to all you cat lovers out there...


 Hello, Kitty!


Is that you, Batman? 
OH, It's CATman!!!

What are YOU?
Are you a dog lover or a cat lover?

I never thought I would be either one,
but we did have two cats when we got married
and after our daughter begged and begged and begged,
we got Lilly,
AKA, "Lil, the Pill".

Lilly isn't that bad,
but it is like having an additional child.

So, I hope you enjoy all of God's living creatures today and look for the blessings they add to your life.

"A house is not a home without a pet"- Anonymous
"A house is not a home without a pe"A house it
If you don't have one,
if you could,
which would you have?
A Dog
or a 

Or would it be something completely different?

God cares for the animals (1 John 4:16).

Love & Blessings-

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