Thursday, August 9, 2012



What if God asked you for everything?

you ask.


Guess what?
He wants it!

In Mary DeMuth's new book, due to be released in October,
she helps us as believers SEE,
see that yes,





He wants ALL of us.

Everything that we think,
everything that we feel,
everything that we do.

He wants our minds,
our hearts
and our actions to be 

(I hope so!)

Here is a quote to entice you!

I am one of 100 very blessed people.
I have NO idea why I was chosen,
but I was!
I get to be a very special part of a very special team:
Mary's Launch Team.

So, as I read through the chapters I will share little nuggets 
from this pot o' gold!

Back to the question:
What if God asked YOU for everything?

What would you struggle to give Him?

I do struggle, right this very minute to give Him ALL of me,
 I've seen it all too clearly through reading this book.

I've given Him my faith,
my relationships,
my family,
and my life,
but not ME,
my heart and soul-
in my entirety...

But the Lord calls us to-
He calls ME to.

 “Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives” 
Gal. 5:25 nlt.

In Chapter 3 Mary writes:
"He wants all of us, all the time, our minds and hearts deeply engaged with His so we will joyfully follow Him toward every single adventure He plans for us."

I yearn to joyfully follow Him toward every single adventure He plans for me,
how about you?


Hope you are having an absolutely wonderful week!


  1. Great post, Janet! So glad I connected with you through the launch team. Blessings!

    1. Renee,
      Thank you for your encouragement and for visiting! I'm also glad to connect with you- you are so creative and positive!
      Have a wonderful day!!!
      Love & blessings-

  2. Janet,
    I resonated with every word you wrote.
    I just finished chapter 3 last night and it gave me
    so much to think about.
    What part of me am I withholding from God?
    Great to get to know you and follow your blog!
    Helen Washington

    1. Helen,
      You are so sweet! After seeing you boldly post, I thought I'd put something out there. I LOVE this book and am being blessed by it- sounds like you are, too.
      I'm praying that God would reveal where you and I may be holding back from Him and that we have the courage too release it to Him, who wants EVERYTHING!
      Love & blessings -

  3. Love your new blog, Janet! It looks and acts just like you....beautiful and enthusiastic :)!! In regards to your observations on Mary's book, brokenness has a way of causing a surrendering of all things...including the ever present "me me me". When there's nothing being withheld from God...He can do His best work. Huge Hugs...

  4. Oh Tina-
    I've missed you! Thanks for coming to visit! I agree, when there is nothing being withheld from God, He CAN do his best work! It's our job to LET Him, too!
    Love you and thank you for the hugs! xxxooo


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