Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Time for Thanks


Our first one without "DAD".

I missed him....

a lot.....

it didn't feel like Thanksgiving.

Even though I was missing Dad, I just had to thank God for all that I
and all that Dad gave me.

He gave me LOVE...
hugs, words of affirmation and always had an "I'm proud of you, honey" smile.

He gave me TIME...
watching "The Magnificent Seven" is one of my fondest memories...I've watched that with him MORE than seven times!

He gave me COURAGE...
how many times did he believe in me when I didn't?
How many times did he tell me to just "try" when I didn't want to?

He gave me LAUGHTER...
his laugh was LOUDER than mine..watching old "Apple Dumpling Gang" movies in the theater, he had the greatest laugh, the kind that would make you laugh just hearing it.

He gave of HIMSELF...


not just to me, but to EVERYONE he came into contact with.

I am SO THANKFUL that God blessed me with such an amazing father and man.
I am SO THANKFUL that I had 45 years with the date...
I am SO THANKFUL that he left so much of himself

I am truly very thankful for so, so many

(running water, heat, food & shelter)

( family, friends, teachers, coaches, mentors )

(learning, growing, reaching, risking, trusting)

(joy, pain, sorrow, freedom, passion, anger, peace...and LOVE)

I have SO MUCH and SO MANY to be THANKful for...

but I am most THANKful to God,
who gave His son for me,
so that I can live, eternally with HIM
in heaven...
where I WILL see my DAD

"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die".
John 11: 25-26


  1. Ohhhh, yes, Janet! So many things to be thankful for....and yet such sorrow with your loss. Rejoicing with you that your Dad is in heaven and that he left a legacy of love for you and your family.

  2. I can only imagine how difficult this year was for you. But what a blessing to KNOW that your dad is waiting for you, with HIS Savior (and ours!). Your dad lives on - in reality - and in the hearts and lives of the loved ones he left behind! Especially in that great laugh of yours!!

    GOD BLESS, my friend - I'm thankful for you!


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