Friday, November 5, 2010

Growth and Change

My children are growing and changing right before my eyes...

I can't believe that my 12 year old daughter is 12, soon to be 13...
She's not only changing physically, but emotionally and spiritually, as well.
I can actually have discussions with her. She has a different perspective. Yes, YOUNGER :-( ...MUCH more innocent and less jaded, fo' sure.

But growth and change never come without pain.
Why is that?

There is no butterfly without the METAMORPHOSIS that happens in the cocoon.
There is no muscle growth without the tearing of the muscle while working out...
There is no growth without pain...

I want to continue to grow and be better, stronger, faster...ooops, I was onto
"The Six Million Dollar Man" intro ...

I'm growing... and changing, as much as my children, but it looks different.

It's on the inside.

God is growing me, and guess what?
It hurts.

Does it have to?

This growth is painful...ouch....

I'm not depending on things to "help" me like I used to....
I'm not depending on people to make me feel "better" like I used to....
I'm not depending on my achievements to tell me I'm AWESOME,
like I used to.....
I'm not depending on the world to tell me how good or bad I am in it's eyes..

God says:
"I'm enough"
"I'm all you need"
"I'll fill the holes in your heart if you let me"
"I am The WAY, The TRUTH and The LIFE"
John 14:6

He is....all of those things.....and more.

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  1. My dear friend,
    Sorry I missed reading this until now! MY BAD!

    What a wonderful message. We definitely know how God is stretching us, pulling us, making us use spiritual muscles we've never used before. It's painful, yes - but oh, it's so exciting too!!

    Stronger muscles have endurance - stronger muscles are more useful.

    God has great plans for us - and for everyone who allows HIM to make us into butterflies!

    Love you -



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