Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Power of Prayer!

Last Thursday I was very blessed and honored to be able to speak to a MOPS group in Escondido on 'The Power of a Praying Mother". For the most part, it is taken from Stormie Omartians' book, "The Power of a Praying Parent" and from the workshop that Lisa, Gina, Tracy, Naomi and I put together almost 8 years ago....wow, does time fly!

2009 was a crazy year and I seriously questioned whether I should continue speaking or not, there is ALWAYS personal sin, feelings of inadequacy, feeling out of control, and then, my old friends, the "NOT ENOUGHS" chime in- You're not smart enough, not funny enough, not equipped enough, not Christian enough (whatever that looks like), and just not good enough. I know that when I feel that way, God takes over and uses my body to do HIS good works- I may not be enough, but He is. I may not be smart enough, but HE knows just what I need to say to those ladies, and really, we always have some laughs.
When I began speaking for MOPS I've always prayed that GOD would open the doors FOR me and I would be obedient and walk through......so I did.

I had the normal nervous stomach and fear that no one would like me or even listen to what I had to say.....but I walked into a wonderful warm room where the Moms were talking and holding babies. It was GREAT and I felt a sense of being where I was supposed to be.
Jennifer, the Speaker Coordinator walked to me and gave me a big hug- we had spoken a few days before and really connected. She introduced me and GOD took over!
When I speak on prayer, I go over 5 different points to create a strong prayer life-
1. Believe God is who HE says He is
2.Believe your child can be changed
3.Believe you can be changed
4.Fellowship/Pray with other believers
5. The words are never as important as the intention of your heart.......
something is ALWAYS better than nothing- just do it!

Here's the cool part- after I share point #4 where I encourage them to pray and stay in fellowship with other believers, I give the Moms an opportunity to share a prayer request with the mom sitting next to her....this is where I really get to see GOD's hand working and molding that clay. Women are sharing and some are crying and they are praying right there with each other.....
I recap #5 and then have all the Moms join hands and I pray over them. I am pretty lucky to be able to do this.....humbled, too.
While the Moms were doing discussion questions I typically hang out a while and am there in case anyone wants to pray together or needs anything. Jennifer came over and told me that one of the tables of ladies was going to start Stormie's book together!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow~
Then I got an email from Jen ifer and she told me that she got the book and is going to start it with her girlfriend. Thank you Lord that you were able to use me- in all of my inequities- you are a mighty God.

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