Friday, September 27, 2013

Fit, Fabulous, 40's, Friday

Happy FRIDAY!!
"3 Not only this, but we also rejoice in sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance, character, and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us."
Romans 5:3-5 (NET)

On Wednesday night at our Cross Fitness Class,
I shared this verse.

Sufferings, challenges, trials, the yucky stuff of life.
We all  have them, and if you don't, praise God -  and then just wait a few days.

 When God says here that we rejoice in sufferings, 
He is acknowledging that 
suffering WILL happen,
problems WILL occur,
challenges WILL stop us in our tracks,
but there is a bigger picture, here.

As we go through suffering,
problems and challenges, remember a couple of things:
1) we are never alone facing it
2)God is doing something deeper in us as we go through the suffering,
deal with the problem and wrestle with our challenges.

He is doing some heart and soul work-
He is strengthening us for bigger battles.

Sure, you can totally AVOID going through, dealing and wrestling,
but it's as though God continues to have us go into the same battle over and over until we work THROUGH it. Can I hear an, "Amen"?
So, the answer is to walk through them.
Yes, easy for me to say and put out there -
but I know it to be true.

As we struggle, suffer, wrestle and deal with problems and trials,
God is using these situations to build character, 
make us stronger.

This totally applies to our physical bodies, as well.
As we challenge our bodies to work hard, say "no" to foods when we are not hungry,
push ourselves to exercise, go that extra mile,
say "yes" to what we know is best for our bodies, 
we are building strength physically as well as mentally and spiritually.

During one of the darkest times of my life, when my girlfriend, father and a mentor passed away within 6 months of each other,
I chose NOT to battle.
I chose to do what was easier- have a pity party, isolate myself and get mad at God.
My head knew what I should be doing-fighting through it
but my heart was so broken and I felt so defeated, I had no energy to battle.

All the while, God was waiting...
and waiting....
and waiting....

It took a series of unfortunate events that landed me flat on the floor-
ashamed, guilty and defeated.
Yup, I am so totally human, and grateful that I came to my senses.

I realized where I was- in the pit and although I felt as though no one would "help me get out", I put myself there and CHOSE to stay there.

So, I decided to take responsibility and had faith that I could turn things around.
I put on my Big-Girl panties on, wiped my tears, put my boxing gloves on to have another go at it-

I knew I had to run back into His arms and when I did,
I was overwhelmed with forgiveness and unconditional love. Not just from God, but from those closest to me that I hurt.

I realized that God was doing something in me and through me, and He grew me spiritually as I spent time with Him, 
listening and 
reading His word.

The struggle produced strength to endure more, it built my character, humbled me and gives me hope that I am loved even though I am still so very far from being perfect.

What struggle are you going through?
Facing a trial that seems overwhelming?
Feel like you just can't push anymore?
Feel defeated?  

I have a solution: Trust God. How?
Pray- talk or yell out to God.
Read- His word, the Bible. 
Listen- the hardest part for me, to BE still, sit and call upon the Lord.
Journal....record what comes up....what did He say in the quietness?

The older I get the more I realize that God has and IS EVERYTHING we need, 
if we just 
ask, seek, listen, and then do - 
or sometimes, don't do! Ha ha!

He loves you and me so very much that He wants us to grow to become more like Him and we all know that He carried the biggest burden for us- our sin, out of His love for us.

You are not suffering, battling or wrestling alone. 
You have the One who is with you, who is never changing, who has always loved you and loves you now.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my friend reading this. I pray Father, that you would shed some light in their darkness, share some joy in their pain, and Father, give them some HOPE in this time of struggle. I pray for endurance and the character to do what is right, and I pray for confirmation for my friend, that they are on the right path to becoming victorious over this battle. And if it does continue, Lord, that  they would continue to lean into You for the strength they need, the encouragement they need and the power of the Holy Spirit to do a mighty work in them.
I love you, Lord, and thank you for this reader and what she/he is going through and how you are doing a good work in them.
In Jesus' name I pray, 

How can I pray for your struggle?
Have you ever battled and have seen God's hand in it?
What is a challenge in your life right now?
Be blessed,


  1. Ah, just what my weary soul needed to read this morning. Yes, the weight of dealing with my elderly parents is getting heavier. And I am often overwhelmed by the stress and sadness of it all. But, yes, the Lord is there - and I feel His Presence like never before.

    I was reminded of these verses in Isaiah 45:2-3. They were originally words that God spoke to Cyrus, but I take them to my heart, too:

    "I will go before you
    and will level the mountains;
    I will break down gates of bronze
    and cut through bars of iron.
    I will give you hidden treasures,
    riches stored in secret places,
    so that you may know that I am the Lord,
    the God of Israel, who summons you by name."

    Yes, He knows my name. And yes, there are hidden treasures about God's character that we only learn when we go through the darkest places. It is in the secret, innermost parts of my spirit that the Lord is doing His work right now. And though it's painful, I love that He's making me look more like His Son.

    GOD BLESS, friend.

  2. Sharon- you know I am praying right along with you! LOVED spending time with you today!!
    Yes, God is with you right now, walking right by your side, giving you what you need for each moment, so rest in HIM!
    Love you!!

    1. Yes, today was a wonderful time - love you, too!


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