Friday, July 12, 2013

Fit, Fabulous, 40's, Friday

Good morning!
Hope you are as excited as I am today!

Yesterday the topic of "Change" and "Being Uncomfortable" came up at least 3 times, 
and all
in regards to exercise and fitness.

This beautiful blonde in my bible study asked what kinds of workouts I did. 
She noticed my arms and thought that I looked fit.
Now, I'm going to let you in on a secret-
every week that I saw her, I thought,
"She's so pretty and lean."

She runs.
She runs with a few of the gals that I know-
I used to call them the "Skinny blonde girls" at the gym,
because everyone gets a nickname there,
(I'm not proud that I do that, but it is the way I recognize the regulars at the gym
and in my mind, I am secretly saying "hello" to them.
Here are just a few of mine,
"Thunder Thighs"-a man, believe it or not!
The Hispanic Running Man
The Hat Girl
The Future Fitness Competitor...
I can only imagine what people are labeling me- 
The Loud Asian Girl/Lady
The Girl that Laughs Loud)

Getting back to the question that the pretty blonde asked me,
"What do you do?"
(I've been asked that quite a few times before- at the market (Tara),  Target, the gym, etc)

Before I could respond, she said,
"You lift weights, huh?"
I said,
"Yes, I do! I do cardio, too and have been focusing on it more because summer is coming".

So, what does that have to do with change?
I am really making an effort to change up my routine.

I think I may be in a rut.
Are you?
I like the idea of knowing what I"m doing each day of the week,
which body part I'm working, cardio, etc.
It's predictable.
I KNOW it and I like it that way!
my body is not responding to my work out the way it did years ago.
In fact, 
I put on a few L.B.s
and THAT, I don't like.

Oh, and summer, bathing suits,
I'm forcing myself to rev up the cardio and yes, I'm changing my workout a bit.

I want it more than the fear of being uncomfortable...
Whenever there is change you can expect some uncomfortableness. 
Is that even a word?
And yes,
So here I am,
making some changes.

Jillian Michaels says, "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable".

I've been running more and believe it or not,
I'm changing up my routine.

Here are five ways you can change your routine:

1. Reverse the order of your routine
Your body gets used to the same routine, same order, same weight, etc. 
Go backwards!
2. Add one new machine or exercise to what you already do
ASK someone (who seems legit, errr, knowledgable, a trainer or google) for a new exercise to add to what you are already working on.
3. Focus on FORM over FUNCTION
Do your routine super slow, focusing on the muscle,
technique, technique, technique!
4. Workout with someone
Working out with someone is great to change things up, 
you will get new ideas and inspiration.
5.Double your cardio or try a new machine
I am an advocate for cardio!
Go for a run OUTside, or do some sprints in the gym, or high legs or Killers-
 If you are working hard through your weight workout, 
you will keep your heart rate up, but there are very few who do-
(because of chatting, not going heavy enough, etc)
it is good for you!

6. **Here is an extra one-**
TRY a new class!
I just started teaching a Fit Camp @ Saddleback Church on Wednesday nights for FREEEEEEE-
the church also has Zumba on Tuesday nights and Cardio Kickboxing on Thursday nights
 (if you are local)as part of the Daniel Plan!
Come on out!!

What do you want to try this next week?

How will you change your routine?

Maybe you need to start one?
Need suggestions? Email me!


Have a blessed day!


  1. Wow! I really needed this! Thanks Janet!

  2. Krazy Kat- thanks for visiting! What was it that you really needed? How is your workout? How I can I support you?


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