Friday, May 3, 2013

Fit, Fabulous 40's Friday!

(and my longest post ever-if you do just one thing, watch the video at the end)

I was going to title today's post, "Living La Vida Loca" because my life has been a little like that!

So, I am sorry to those of you who may have wondered what happened to me for the last few weeks!

I'll give you the "Cliff Notes" version-
about a month ago, I noticed a small jelly-bean shaped mass on the side of my right breast,
so I made an appointment to get it checked.
During that week before my check-up, I began thinking of the possibilities:
Cancer, being the first one, and of course, the worst.

Knowing that it could be one of two outcomes, I prayed.
Honestly, I was a little freaked out, thinking about my children, husband and all the things that I believe God has a plan for me to do, but you just never know what HIS plan is.
So I prayed some more and trusted.

Only a few people knew about it- I only shared it with a close group of women that I attend Bible Study with because we share some pretty intimate stuff and I didn't want anyone else to worry-
unless they had a reason to.
I didn't even tell my mom or sister- even though I know they both would have prayed for me.
So I went for the Mammogram and because I had my "little Jelly-Bean Guy" there,
they also had me do an Ultrasound.
That was cool- I could actually SEE what was going on inside there.
The doctor came in and he pointed out my JBG and said he could see blood going through it and that it was part of my lymphnode.
With all the evidence,
 they believed that it was NON-cancerous.

So, as you can imagine,
I was and am SO grateful that everything was fine.
The next day when I woke up, I was just grateful to be home, in my bed, breathing.

I decided I would give my BEST effort every single day to do more of these things:

1. Make sure my children and husband know I love them,
through words, hugs, laughter, engagement.
2. Spend time daily thanking God for the wonderful, FULL, rich life I have!
3. Being grateful for every little thing
4. Show grace, love and forgiveness to everyone I came into contact with
5. Give compliments generously and genuinely
6. Be as engaged as possible, every moment of each day
7. Say prayers for my friends and family who don't believe in God
8. Be more flexible
9. Give people the benefit of the doubt
10.Love myself more and forgive myself more.

After that crazy week, I've been watching alot of baseball-
Go Cardinals!

Some track meets

Kiana has been sprinting and pole vaulting...

I've been substitute teaching a little here and there,
at Madison (my friend Jill's First Grade classroom)
so clean, right?

And in Kindergarten
this week for my friend Peter...

I "heart" Kindergarten,

and last week I had the opportunity to speak at Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church
to speak on Friendship

and here yesterday to speak on Prayer

on the National Day of Prayer!
What an honor!
My mom came to watch and then she, my sister and I went out for some Japanese Food
SO, so good!
having some fun, 
as usual-
My sister and I-

Then, I got my baby washed, (my little red car)
picked up the boys,
picked up the girl after her practice,
took her to her voice lesson
and then made this for dinner:
Yes, I fry my taco shells, really, is there any other way to eat REAL tacos?
What I DID do is use EVOO, and drained the oil, see?
I also used lean, ground turkey,
non-fat Rosarita beans,
low-fat cheese,
non-fat lettuce and avocados!
I think Luke ate 5!

for a treat- gotta enjoy these kids while they are still at home,
we went here
Luke made the one at 12 o'clock,
mochi, chocolate dips
John had the one at 2 o'clock,
strawberries, peanut-butter, 
5 o'clock is easy to guess w/all that candy- LOGAN (not me!)
mini m&m's, always a cherry,
mine was at 7 o'clock
nuts, granola and sprinkles, gotta always have sprinkles
Kiana's is at 10 o'clock
granola and I don't know what that big white thing is.

I have been starting my mornings off with 2 tablespoons of the nastiest tasting stuff;

because it is really good for you/me and
it helps get rid of some bloat.
No lie.
After dropping off Kiana to HS
I came home and had this:
 1/2 scoop of protein
1/2 cup of oatmeal
1/2 cup of blueberries
1/2 banana

I have this every single morning
and I love it.

Life is short-
we must live each day to it's fullest 
and love like there's no tomorrow!!
There may not be one-

Have a blessed day!!
Keep on moving!


  1. Busy woman! But, it looks like you continue to keep the *balance* in your life, too!

    Great news at the doctor, and yes, sometimes these things serve as wake-up calls to what's really important in life.

    I'm going with John's 2 o'clock treat - never thought to put peanut butter and strawberries together, but it sounds delicious. PB and J variation...

    Hope you're doing well.


    1. Hey Sharon!
      Glad you stopped by! MIss you so, so much. We will definitely go get some fro-yo when you come out next!


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