Friday, January 18, 2013

Fit, Fabulous 4O's Friday!

Becoming Emotionally Fit:

This has been a struggle for me,
feeling beautiful,
that is.
Growing up, I never looked like the girls on TV or in the magazines, 
and the ones on TV or in the magazines all had blonde or light brown hair 
and they were all thin and had long legs.
I always wanted blonde hair.
Somehow, an asian with blonde hair was just so wrong in so many ways!

It has taken me a long, long time to really "get" that I am unique,

How about you?

If I were to ask you right now "Are you beautiful/handsome?" what would you say?
Rather, what would your inner voice say?

Well, she/he is a liar!
I know what your voice is saying because mine says the same thing,
even though I actually DO think I am unique, one-of-a-kind and special gal.

What is it with us?
(women, especially)
Why is is so darn difficult to embrace our beauty?

In the Asian culture,
when growing up, my parents just wanted us to fit in.
We would never want to "stand out" in a crowd for any reason.
And beauty showed itself by being more of a timid and shy young lady-

I tried for a long time to embody this picture...

but I'm really more like this.

For many years I wondered what was wrong with me.
I never felt like I fit into my family.
Having a Sanguine personality in a Choleric culture did not rock.
Growing up,
I was never the "Smart One" like my big brother
the "Strong One" like my younger sister-
I was the "Loud One". 

No one told me this: 

Not only that, my mother never liked the bright colors I liked to wear,
how I would yell out the window if I thought I saw a friend walking down the street,
and she never approved of the RED Miata convertible I bought.
"It's soooooo red", she would say in disapproval.

I had some confidence in school because I was popular and outgoing,
and  I always had a boyfriend,
my confidence came from those things.

I went to college, got a teaching job and then my confidence came from my work.
I got married, then my confidence came from my husband.
I had my first child and left my job, my income, and most of my friends,
 what I thought my main purpose was-
I lost the bulk of the confidence that I had.....

then I met Jesus.

Confidence in knowing I am matter how I look, how much I weigh,
 how much money I make, what kind of car I drive,
I. am. Loved.

so. are. YOU.

He is not about whether you go to church or not,
He is not about what your background is or was,
He is not about where you live,
what you drive
what size or shape you are
how you look.

He is about LOVE.
He is LOVE.

As I opened my heart to feel His love,
and allowed it in,

I grew in confidence.
I grew in a lot of other areas, too.

I love being fit and healthy
but I'm fabulous
because I have confidence in a Savior,
the one true God.

"Your confidence is in Christ and Christ alone!"
Philippians 3:3

How is your confidence?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Loved the two pictures - the shy and *not so shy*. And yes, you are DEFINITELY the second picture!

    How is my confidence? Tough question to answer - not because I don't know the answer - but because the answer right now is: "Not so good."

    But, that's looking at me through *me eyes* - not God's. According to Him, I am a masterpiece, greatly loved and delighted in, worthy of dying for - cherished.

    Hmmm...maybe it's time to wear HIS glasses more often. Mine seem a little blurry.


  2. Keep God's glasses on, friend! I see you the same way as HE does, as a gifted, talented, creative, witty, and wildly beautiful!
    Love you- so much!


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