Monday, July 16, 2012

Motivational Monday!

Beginning today...


Hey, it just might be true.

Don't miss an opportunity to leave someone
better off than you found them,
show them some kindness!

This morning at the gym, I ran into Patrick.

I have seen Patrick for the last, maybe year, that I have been working and going to this gym, 4-5 times a week.

Patrick is about 70ish or so,
super tall and super thin,
and he was in the Air Force and flew during WWII.

I have the utmost respect for Patrick and we usually chat a bit.

When I saw him, he was on the elliptical machine, 
and he was wearing his work gloves for work-out gloves, 
you know, the yellow ones that are for yard work and stuff,
and he was wearing a beanie on his head.

I happened to be on the jogging machine in front of him and when I got off and saw him, 
I said,
"Hi Patrick!"

He got off the elliptical and came over.
He told me how he was doing and that there will be a Jazz Concert on Sunday 
at Concordia.
His neighbor is a Dean there, and he told him about it.
Patrick told me how to get there, and how to just tell the person at the
gate that I was going to the Jazz Concert to get in free.
He didn't know who was playing, but they were supposed to be pretty good.

We talked some more,
then as I left, I said,

"Have a great day!"

I went on with my workout and was almost done when a man walked over to me.
I didn't know him, but he stood there, so I took out my earphones.

He said,
"I want to compliment you."
Now, not that I'm all THAT, but usually when someone starts a sentence like this,
I'm thinking, "Uh,Oh. Here we go- do you work out often? Etc..."

This was different.

He continued,
" I was next to that man you were talking to (Patrick) and you spent 5 minutes with him",
I'm thinking, "Wow, was he timing that?"

Then, he said the nicest thing.
He said," The 5 minutes you gave him were probably worth 50 minutes to this man. You gave him your time and that was so nice to see, I just had to tell you."

My eyes watered.
They water as I think of it now.


It cost me nothing...5 minutes.
I looked into his soft eyes as he spoke and
I listened..
I paid close attention,
I was interested,
and I gave him a little of my <3.
A little kindness.

"Love your neighbor as yourself"
Luke 10:27

"Love one another"
John 3:11

"Let us not love with words or tongue but with
actions and truth."
John 3:18

"And there is no greater JOY than this,
to LOVE and be LOVED."

decide to show KINDNESS to EACH and EVERY person you come into contact with.
Yes, EACH and EVERY person
and let me know what happens as a result of your day!!

Make today wonderful,
you won't ever have it again!



  1. I miss you beautiful friend. You have such a warm heart and you always inspire me to be better than I am. 5 minutes with you is like being blessed with 50 to me too ;0) Here's to keeping it personal - ChrisAnn

  2. Christine-
    I feel the same way about you! I heard Rally was awesome and I know you are out there making a difference whether it is with Premier or not! Hugs to you and Richard!


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